When it comes to outsourcing your facility’s commercial cleaning and janitorial needs, there is more to consider than just the quality of cleaning.  What many business owners overlook is the many risks and liabilities of cleaning your own business.  Injuries can occur anywhere and unfortunately at any time, and as such, can make or break a business.  Making sure you consider all the possible risks, and their resulting liabilities is an essential task.

Studies have been conducted that show one of the most common forms of injury in the workplace is that of slip and falls.  This is credited to the fact that most custodian and janitorial workers commonly work around wet floors, are required to climb ladders, and are required to lift on heavy objects several times a day.

They are also prone to recurring back problems due to their bending and twisting multiple times a day, several days each week.  Data has been gathered that shows that those in the custodial field are more likely to report injuries twice as often than those working in the private industries.

Before making a move to have your usual employees take on your business’s cleaning tasks, you need to consider that it could very well put them, and your business, at risk.

Liability Insurance

No matter whether the cleaning of your business is relegated to an employee, or you decide to choose to outsource to a commercial cleaning and janitorial service, there is the consideration of risks and liability in play.  The same risks and liabilities that apply to your employees also apply to any visitor and customers that may frequent your business.  By outsourcing your cleaning, you will have the peace of mind that protocols are in place and that any possible risks will indeed be addressed.  This is made possible by the fact that the cleaning service will come complete with its own proper liability coverage in place from the first day.  If an incident should present itself, such as a customer slip and fall, the liability coverage of the cleaning service will kick in and provide the necessary coverage.

Worker’s Comp Insurance

If you are still not convinced that outsourcing your cleaning service is the logical step, and still feel that hiring your own custodial individual is the way to go, consider the area of worker’s compensation insurance.  If the custodial individual, or even an employee you have assigned to cleaning duties, becomes injured performing those duties your worker’s compensation insurance will be required by law to cover the injuries sustained.  At one time or another, we have all heard the horror stories of how a worker’s compensation claim has pretty much destroyed businesses.  This is because a claim can have a massive impact on not only your company’s morale and productivity, but it can also cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket.


Anyone who is operating a business is required by law to follow the OSHA codes.  These are requirements that The Occupational Safety and Health Administration—OSHA—have established and that companies are required to maintain.  Such codes as the requirement to operate their facilities in a clean, sanitary, and serviceable manner.  The code also requires business owners to establish and maintain a schedule for ensuring that the facility is cleaned, serviced, and has a proper amount of supplies.  OSHA also oversees and mandates that all facilities stay up to the code with the appropriate storage, and use, of any type of cleaning chemicals and materials.

As you can see, the cleaning of your facility is just part of what needs to be considered this day in age.  If you choose the route of having your employees provide your cleaning services, make sure to do your homework.  Covering all your bases in regards to the possible risks and liabilities your business could possibly face may seem an arduous task now, but in the long run, it can be a business saver.