When deciding to outsource your office cleaning needs to a professional service, communication is of the utmost importance.  The contracted service and the business that is doing the contracting need to be on the same page from the beginning in order for there not to be any misunderstandings or problems.

 One method to make sure that both parties are on the same page is the use of a pre-agreed upon office cleaning checklist.  By using a checklist, you are sure to know what is and is not being done when it comes to the services you are paying for.  The top four areas that you might want to include on this list are:

  1. Bathrooms

Believe it or not, but more often than not, a client or customer will base their opinion on how you operate your business by how clean your bathrooms appear.  That is why this area mustn’t be overlooked when hiring an office cleaning service.

Make sure that all trash cans are emptied and properly disinfected before replacing the liners.  Sinks, hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers all need to be wiped down and disinfected.  The same goes for all toilet seats and related paper dispensers.  Use the proper type of cleaner to brush and clean all toilet bowls.  Refill all necessary dispensers, such as toilet paper, paper town, and soap.  Test all hand dryers to make sure they are functioning correctly and putting out warm air.  Do not forget to clean the mirrors over all the sinks until they sparkle and shine.  Finally, using the proper type of disinfectant, make sure to mop all the tile and floor areas.

  • Breakrooms

The breakroom is a vital area of your business, as it allows employees a place to relax and enjoy some downtime.  They can partake of a meal, or a cup of coffee, or just the chance to relax and rest.  For this reason, the breakroom needs to be kept as clean and organized as possible.  This is another area of your business that, if not attended to, can have a significant effect on your employee’s production and moral.

The first area to make sure is taken care of is the refrigerator.  Items tend to accumulate and, after time, not only take up a lot of space but can begin to smell as well.  Make sure to empty the refrigerator regularly, discarding items that have not been claimed.  You will then need to wipe down and disinfect the entire refrigerator from top to bottom, including the bins, shelves, and cubbies.  The countertops in the breakroom will need to be wiped down and disinfected daily, as will the coffee maker.  Make sure to clean and put away any stray dishes or coffee mugs left in the sink, and then wipe down and disinfect the sink and surrounding areas.  Finally, sweep and mop the floors of the room.

  • Office Spaces

This area is the heart of your business, and as such, should be maintained in a clean and tidy fashion.  No one likes to work in a mess, and when forced to, studies have shown that morale and production can be significantly affected.

Make sure to dust and clean all hard surfaces daily.  Keep all trash cans empty, and do not allow to overflow onto the floor.  Dust and wipe down all computer equipment, making sure to include the monitors and the keyboards.  Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces that are used regularly, such as desks and telephones.  Make sure no stray dishes or kitchenware are left lying around. Clean any and all glass surfaces, wiping them down until they sparkle. Finally, make sure to sweep, vacuum, and mop all floors as well.

  • Lobby/Reception Area

The reception area, or lobby, of your business, is undeniably the most crucial area of them all.  This is what your clients or customers see first, and as such, will be what determines how they view your business.  It is the area that establishes their first impression, and must always put forth a tidy appearance.

The floor needs to remain swept and mopped at all times, if possible.  The doors, if they are glass, need to be clean and sparkling as the client passes through them.  All trash cans need to be kept empty and not left to overflow.  Any tables, lamps, or chairs in this area need to be dusted and wiped down regularly.  And finally, all of this needs to be done more than once a day, if possible.

With taking the time to develop a checklist, you are assured that both your business and the office cleaning service are on the same page.  And by knowing what you are wanting to be done, and are expecting of them, the possibilities of misunderstandings or confusion will be kept at a minimum.