Anyone who has been in business for very long can tell you that no one gets a second chance at a first impression.  It is also well known that word of mouth from current, as well as past, clients can make or break a business.  That is why is it so vital that your office or business presents with an appealing, welcoming appearance.

Some of the areas discussed below are simple to institute yourself.  However, if the more hands-on, cleaning areas, are ones you would rather not delegate to your current work staff, then you are best served by outsourcing the duties to a local commercial cleaning service.  For now, let’s take a look at a few methods that will offer a more appealing office atmosphere for your clients.

1. Keeping it Clean and Tidy

An office or business space that is not kept clean and tidy says a lot to a current or possible new client.  The primary impression it gives is one of laziness and just really not caring about the establishment’s appearance.  The areas that stand out the most are those of trash cans that are flowing over with trash, floors that are grimy and haven’t been maintained, and lastly, grimy filthy bathrooms.  If these areas prove to be sore spots for your business, and you do not want to task your current workforce with maintaining them, then you would serve yourself well to outsource your commercial cleaning and janitorial needs to a local professional.

2. Stashing the Clutter

Clients realize that when it comes to running a business, specific everyday tools are needed.  These include brooms, mops, and buckets.  However, even though clients know that they are put to use, that does not mean that they want to see them sitting scattered all about.  When not in use, it is suggested that you store any cleaning products—out of sight out of mind.  A broom closet is a good idea.  However, if this is not a viable choice, store them in the bathroom.  You may place them under the sink, and going a step further fashion a small curtain to keep them out of sight.

3. Coffee Cart

Everyone, from time to time, will suffer from the cranks, especially when we are either thirsty or hungry.  This is why it would do an excellent service for you and your clients for you to offer a coffee/snack station on the premises.  The area does not have to be a big one, and can even be tucked away in a small corner of your office or waiting room.  Include such choices as bottled water, coffee, or tea.  The addition of little cakes, cookies, and crackers snacks will serve your clients well when they feel those cranky moods arising.

4.  A Friendly Face

It is no secret that we as humans are spending more and more time each day online immersed in the digital internet world.  And as such, we are just a blip in the data stream, almost as if we are invisible.  That is why, when we interact in the real world, we do not want to feel like that online blip.  Make it a policy that your employees—from your receptionist to your salespersons, to even your security detail—to not only greet your clients but to do it with a warm, friendly smile.  You would be surprised just how it can turn a person’s day around for the better.

5.  Score with Décor

It may sound strange to some, but clients will judge you by not only by those areas listed above, but by the décor, or lack thereof, on your walls.  Blank walls make a room feel sterile and lifeless, devoid of personality.  Spruce up your walls with some décor that is both welcoming and tells something about your company.  Take a step back, and think of what type of impression you want your company to make on your clients.  From there, decorate appropriately.  It doesn’t have to be anything major and grand—sometimes just a few vases of flowers setting here and there, along with some art pieces on the wall can get the job done.

Cleanliness does play a major role in your business’s overall impression, but there are the other areas we have touched on above are just as important.  If you outsource the commercial cleaning of your business, then all you are left with are a few small areas to address, and your office will be more appealing in no time.