The big topic in today’s world is that of reversing climate change and “going green.”  Many business owners often wonder how they may make a change in their office, as well as their office cleaning, that may allow them to play their part in the overall “green” initiative.  There are several methods that will help keep you on track and not lose your momentum, as we have lined out for you below. 

1. Non-Paper Products

Although it is a given that the majority of office waste is primarily paper products, there is also non-paper waste that must be taken into consideration as well.  For example, when purchasing supplies for your business, attempt to buy those items that have little to no packaging that has to be discarded of afterward.  In the same vein, when having office supplies delivered, if at all possible request that the items be in returnable cartons.  You may even go so far as to request that the vendors take the packaging with them when they leave.  For those little used items considering renting instead of buying.  And if you find yourself having to purchase and invest in equipment, make sure it is both high-quality and durable.

2. Recycle

Attempt to recycle everything that you can, not only paper but office equipment as well.  Some of the more common non-paper items that an office can recycle are electronics, batteries, plastics, and beverage containers.  When recycling, if you find that you have a significant amount of such materials, check into a possible partnership with a local recycler to make the endeavor even easier.  The quicker you get the recyclable resources back into the system, the less time they will set around your office taking up valuable space and collecting unnecessary dust.

3. Paper Products

Beyond a doubt, the most common form of office waste is simply paper.  As a result, the quickest and easiest way to reduce your office’s waste is to do away with all the paper products that you can.  In a word say NO to paper!  If going paperless is not the most ideal situation, then stand back and take stock of what processes are in place that does not necessarily require the use of paper.  One method is to have all office individuals who might edit copy, to do so on the computer.  Or, if they must print the text out, have them use the blank backside of a piece of paper that is intended to be discarded.

4. Other Non-Paper Options

Consider the use of electronic recordings or voicemail instead of handwritten notes or messages.  By utilizing either or both of these options, you can avoid the piling up of and subsequent disposal of any paper mail as much as possible.  Take a look at your incoming mail, and take the necessary steps to cut down on or totally eliminate any that you may receive.  Finally, if you have a mailing list, look it over and attempt to remove any possible or unnecessary duplications.

“Go green” and cutting down on your overall office cleaning doesn’t have to be an arduous or complicated process.  With the implementing of just a few of the ideas above, you will find that your office will not only be much tidier but will be running much more efficiently.