We all know that from time to time, we let our housekeeping slide.  However, when it comes to our business, we are not afforded the option to put off till tomorrow, what needs to be done today.  The reason why is simply one word—liability.   Because of any possible risk or liability, it is best to outsource your cleaning needs to a cleaning service.

Required Compliance

One of the significant reasons about having your employees provide your buildings cleaning service is that they simply may not be cleaning well enough to keep your building in compliance with all of the regulations that OSHA and other agencies have in place.  If the compliance is not up to code, your business may suffer severe penalties, as well as being shut down.  Both of which can significantly impact your bottom line.

Wages and Benefits

When hiring in your own custodial staff, your business will incur a large number of additional costs.  It is actually more expensive to hire in your own staff, as well as less cost-effective.  The reason is that you have extra paperwork, workman’s compensation insurance, and possible benefits that are involved.  Again, all of which can have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line.

Injuries From Poor Cleaning

If your custodial staff is not making their best effort at cleaning your business, the results can be injuries to themselves, as well as others, in the form of slips and falls.  Those who fall victim to these injuries, if due to poor cleaning practices, can sue your company for compensation for their pain and suffering.  Not counting the judgments and legal fees, you may also be responsible for fines for non-compliance to the codes.

Cleaning Supply Quality

Not being trained for the custodial field, you and your employees may also be lacking in the knowledge of which types and brands of cleaners work best in individual situations.  Many cleaners are derived for a specific purpose, and as such will not work in all situations.  If you, or your staff, are not educated in the proper cleaning product usage, then you may actually end up wasting more money than you will save.  Many companies are choosing to go with green cleaners, in place of the harsher chemical choices.  Again, there is a magnitude of brands to choose from, and one must know what they are choosing. 

When choosing between your own custodial staff or one that is outsourced—outsourced is the most logical and financially beneficial to go.  When outsourcing you will have the peace of mind that specific protocols are in place and that the job will not only be done but will be done in the safest manner possible