The most dreaded job, whether needing to be done at work or at home, is when it comes time to clean the restroom.  It is a job that no one likes and quite honestly will do all they can to get out of the task.  When it comes to keeping your business’s restrooms appearance top-not, look no further than System4’s janitorial service.  We can get the job done that no one else wants to do.

It is essential to remember that the proper cleaning and sanitization of your business’s restroom as crucial as any other aspect of your business.  Your customers, clients, and staff will view the cleanliness of your restroom as part of how they perceive your business. With this in mind, if you choose to keep your janitorial service in house, the following three tips will help to make the task less daunting.

1. Daily Cleaning

Daily cleaning is the most essential part of any maintenance process, as it aids in keeping the area cleaned which in this case the restroom, in a well-kept appearance at all times.  To achieve this goal, make sure there is no debris on the counters or the floor.  Check all the waste receptacles and if full, or near full, remove the liner and replace with new ones.  Make sure to check all the soap dispensers, paper towel, dispensers, and toilet paper dispensers.  If needed, refill each of them at this time.

2.  Weekly Cleaning

For the weekly routine, make sure to scrub and clean all of the interiors of both the toilets and the urinals.  To properly clean the exterior surfaces, wipe them down thoroughly with a proper disinfectant cleaner.  Do not forget to get the toilet seats when performing this task.  Continue to thoroughly wipe down and disinfect areas that are touched by the public, such as door handles, light switches, and miscellaneous dispensers.  Make sure to clean the sinks and faucets, and wipe down all fingerprints and markings from the mirrors.  Finish up by dusting, sweeping, and then mopping all the floors.

3.  Monthly Cleaning

For the monthly cleaning, you will tackle those areas that are more out of the way.  This may include the dusting and cleaning the tops of the doors, dusting any vents, and cleaning the partitions and dispensers as well.  If you have an automatic deodorizer or air freshener system in place, this would be the time to replace those as well.  Make sure to test all drains to check that they are functioning correctly, and flush all toilets to test as well.  Finally, replace all urinal blocks where needed.

By maintaining a daily, weekly, and monthly routine cleaning schedule, the janitorial service for your business should prove less daunting.  In the long run, less time will have to be spent on a task that most people do not want to have to perform in the first place.

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