Many in the business industry have at one time, or another, asked themselves—will hiring of a cleaning service actually same me time?  The simple answer is YES!  It may be hard to believe, but a commercial cleaning service will definitely save you time—as well as money—but that is for another article.

When contracting with System4, you will have a highly trained, dedicated staff at your disposable.  Let’s say you have your own cleaning staff on site, and your in-house janitor calls in sick, right before the end of the workday.  Now it is up to you to find a replacement so that precious time is not wasted that should be used cleaning your business in preparation for the next business day.  By contracting with System4, you will not have to worry about any of our staff calling off, because we will have someone else ready to take their place—we have you covered.

There is also the added benefit and satisfaction that by outsourcing your cleaning service needs to System4 when you work day comes to an end—it comes to an end—period.  You will not have to worry about working extra hours to either perform the cleaning yourself or to oversee those employees that may have been assigned to the cleaning duties.   There is also the concern that when your current employees are given the added responsibilities of janitorial work, they are most usually not going to put their best effort into the task at hand, or may even rush through the work just to end the day.  Let’s face it, no one like janitorial work, especially those who were not hired on for the job, to begin with.  This can only lead to the job getting done as fast as the individual can, without any concern as to the quality of work being performed.

Another area to consider if the peace of mind as to whether or not the cleaning will indeed get done, as well as if it will be handled on a routine as needed.  When you contract with System4 keep in mind that YOU set the schedule for your business’s cleaning service.  We are available before, during and after business hours, as well as on a daily, weekly or even monthly rotation.  You call the shots—we get the job done—period!  Our staff takes great pride in providing the best cleaning service in the industry, while at the same time saving your business time.  Our staff will not only get the job done right the first time, but in a very effective, efficient, and timely manner as well.  We here at System4 take pride in the fact that we do not cut corners on our cleaning services to save time.  We want to aide in saving both you and your business time, and as such our staff will make sure that the services offered are to your utmost satisfaction, and will spend whatever time necessary to achieve this goal.

The outsourcing of System4 for your cleaning service needs has many benefits and advantages—one of which is the saving time for your business.  System4 is proud to say that we are here to do the job, get it right the first time, and do all we can to make your business run more efficiently and smoothly.

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