Keeping Hotel Rooms Free of Germs and Bugs

Hotel cleanliness is one of the most important things that guests consider when choosing a place to stay. With access to online hotel booking sites, many times guests will research hotel reviews carefully before settling on appropriate lodging. The following tips can help you compete with the best hotels in your area and come out on top.

Train Your Staff to Uphold Strict Cleaning Routines

Maintaining an exceptional level of cleanliness in hotel rooms and common areas is a complex series of steps that needs to be carried out in a systematic and thorough manner. One of the most important things you can do as an individual in charge of hotel maintenance is to train your staff to uphold and follow all steps in the cleaning protocol.

Working with an outsourcing company or professional cleaning company can afford you the freedom to spend time in other pursuits without having to worry that the cleanliness of your hotel will suffer.

Sanitize to Kill Germs

Cleaning is one thing, but disinfecting common areas and guest rooms goes way beyond basic cleaning techniques. Proper sanitation practices can go a long way toward protecting the health of your guests and making them feel more at ease when staying at your facility. Proper sanitization techniques need to be in alignment with the standards upheld by the Environmental Protection Agency, and this requires an in-depth understanding of these standards and the procedures required to carry them out.

Remove Bugs and Pests

Pest removal is vital for the comfort and safety of your guests. No one wants to be settling into their hotel room for the night to discover bed bugs, mites, spiders or other pests. It is important to hire a qualified company that specializes in the treatment and removal of pests in an appropriate and safe manner. This will ensure that your guests do not receive any surprises when they check into their rooms to get comfortable.

Following these tips can help you maintain the high level of cleanliness that your guests expect and deserve. This will not only ensure that they have a pleasant time while staying with you but will also increase the odds that they will come back again and recommend your facility to others.

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